Disney Buys Pixar

Nice to see a ruffle of feathers in the animation world, gasps of ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ on this one. Its going to be very interesting to see this partnership develop. Its a well known fact that Disney’s animation filmmaking has been on the decline over recent decades (Lion King only really being the most successful to date). Whilst Pixar seems to ride the wave of successful (although ‘Cars’ seems to be getting a lukewarm reception to its trailer). There is far deeper politics than on the surface I think, and let just hope that Pixar still continues to make quality films which superb characterisation and animation, rather than getting caught up in the Hollywood money wheel.

The Walt Disney Company on Tuesday said it would buy Pixar Animation Studios in a $7.4 billion deal that gives Pixar animators creative control over the world’s most famous cartoon studio and makes Pixar CEO Steve Jobs one of Disney’s largest shareholders. Under the agreement, expected to close this summer, Jobs, who also heads Apple Computer Inc. will join Disney’s board of directors.