Teachers First – Evaluation Tool


Teachers First is a ground-breaking program run by Imagine Education (UK) Ltd and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and is part of the Egyptian Learning Society Program to support Education 2.0 Strategy. The Teachers First Toolkit was developed as an assessment and evaluation tool for teachers. It offers an initial elearning exercise to explain the programme, and then a ‘baseline analysis’ tool which evaluates the users current positioning in their learning and development cycle.

What we did

We created an bespoke online application based on a ‘swamp theory’ process (explained here) it sets out where the user is now, and provides a bespoke action plan to enable users to move into ‘positive behaviour’, such is the objective of that particular project. 

And finally once all of these element are complete, users have access to a forum for peer-to-peer discussion.

“The Ministry of Education and Technical Education is pleased to announce that the Teachers First Program continues to go from impact to sustainability across Egypt. As a foundation layer for teacher’s professional development, Teachers First has been helping to initiate, continue and sustain teacher behavioural change and professional development across 27 governorates through different phases.

So far, over 500,000 teachers have gone through the CPD phase by taking part in the online associate program “AP”, then workshops and mentoring. Then they go on to the SPD phase by taking part in lighthouse networks. Through the journey that starts and does not end, they supported by Moderia Agency Networks, the Learning Library, the Technical Help Desk, the Educational Help Desk and Lengo Support Officers.”

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