Animated Infographics

Animated infographics can quickly illustrate the essential content of your idea, product, or service, and ultimately its value. From the project brief to the script and storyboard development, and finally to the actual static or animated infographics design.

We create animated infographics clients for leading brands and agencies. We provide an open, collaborative, and efficient process. Our recognised project management process ensures that a high quality product is produced, and delivers you results.

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Unilever – Integrated Business Planning from Sliced Bread Animation on Vimeo.

According to Google Trends, the use of visualised information has increased 400% in literature since 1990, but by a whopping 9900% on the internet since 2007. Infographics, it seems, are great for displaying large amounts of data. The infographic ‘boom’ occurred in 2011, though and, while many of them are still relevant today, few of them send the old shivers down your spine! (reference 3beards)

Serving the needs of every member of the operating room team, the Sony VMI-40MD medical image multiplexer supports better procedural outcomes and enhanced patient care.

A three-in-one selector, multiplexer and still images recorder, this streamlined solution supports efficiency by saving time and cost – eliminating the need for a separate technical room housing hardware and cabling.

Inside Unilever – An engaging video sequence that illustrates the unique benefits of Inside Unilever, Unilever’s Sharepoint based collaboration platform, that was being rolled out to all employees within the organisation. The video sought to reassure employees that the system was user friendly whilst highlighting advantages in global collaboration within a demanding and competitive market space.

We created a multi-purpose concept, the final piece consists of five sections which can be used either as one, or as individual elements. We also created support material including posters and animated gifs of user scenarios.

We incorporated 3D animation and motion graphic techniques which were all built in a 3-week timeframe. Sliced Bread managed the full production lifecycle from concept, storyboarding, animatic and final production to encoding. The script was written and recorded by the client.

In 2010 our multi-purpose concept won a silver at the 34th Annual Telly Awards for the ‘online video’ category.