5 reasons for using 360 video in 2017

A few months ago we posted a tutorial on creating 360 video, so we thought we’d follow up with the top reasons for using 360 video to connect with your audience:

1. Consumer engagement

Google carried out an experiment to see whether a 360 video or a standard video of the same content would get a higher level of engagement. The end result was that the 360 version had a higher click-through rate, more views (46% more than the standard video!), more shares, and more subscribes.


2. Brand association

360 video (along with VR) is still a relatively new and unexpected technology that people are excited by, meaning that brands using 360 in their marketing are more likely to be viewed positively by consumers. Sony Pictures Entertainment used a 360 10-second ad to promote its horror film ‘Don’t Breathe’. The ad gave the viewers the chance to experience the same terror as the characters feel in the film. Aaron Wahle, SPE’s Senior Vice President of International Digital Marketing, believes that 360 video is massively helpful in attracting consumers’ attention and convincing them to spend time with the brand.

3. Immersive storytelling

360 video allows the viewer to be completely immersed somewhere totally different from their actual surroundings, without requiring them to actually leave their home or comfort zone. Not only is your audience viewing your content – they’re experiencing it as if it is real. The format can also be used to promote empathy and compassion, and can help users better understand different points of view and lifestyles. A good example of this is A Walk through Dementia, three 360 videos that allow you to experience the life of person with dementia by focusing on some of their lesser known symptoms.


4. Brand recognition

Viewers of 360 content are more likely to remember which brand was promoting and using the technology, likely because of the exciting and engaging experience they enjoyed. Nielsen and Airpush carried out a study to see just how effective 360 advertising is, and one of their findings was that brand recognition was at least 8 times more effective across all brands used in the study when immersive 360 VR ads were shown instead of static video.


5. Higher intent to purchase

It has been proven that watching 360 video positively affects consumers intent to purchase. A recent study by Greenlight VR revealed that 53% of respondents reported increased purchase intent towards brands using VR and 360 video, as their usage makes a brand appear forward-thinking and modern.

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