Projects we worked on in 2015 at Sliced Bread Animation

It’s been yet another busy year here at Sliced Bread Animation. We’ve had the chance to work on lots of exciting projects, and have also welcomed two new members of staff on board. With 2016 just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at some of our favourite projects we worked on this year. We’ve even added the videos below, so you can check them out yourself!

MTR Health and Safety Animation

At the start of the year we worked with the Edge Picture Company on a short film for MTR Corporation to communicate the importance of a pro-active safety culture on site. We created a 2-minute animation that follows Cai as he walks through a building site completely oblivious to the near fatal situations going on around him. The animation highlights the dangers that the employees face on day-to-day basis in a fun and amusing way, yet still manages to communicate the health and safety message to the viewer.


Tapplet HTML5 Games for Hardee’s Restaurants

During the summer we created 4 online HTML5 games for Hardee’s Restaurants in the Middle East. The games were designed to be played on tablet devices using toy figures, and accessed via a code supplied with the kids meals. We devised concepts and gameplay for each game, and worked to create a responsive experience on both Android and iPad devices. In order to keep costs and development time down and produce four fully functional games we developed two HTML5 game templates, creating two ‘skins’ (illustrated assets) for each on. We then put the two skins on the templates they were designed for, creating the four separate games.

Kumon’s 2-Week Free Trial Animation

A standout project this year was the free trial ad we created digital marketing agency FKC for Kumon study centres. The idea behind the project was for children to think about what they want to be when they grow up, so the children draw themselves as a doctor, engineer, and an astronaut, and then the characters are seen studying at their local Kumon centre. The commercial combined 2D animation with live action children’s hands to bring their drawings to life, and was created to promote their two week free trial. We really had to think about how a child would draw themselves while working on the design of the characters, and we held a photoshoot with the kids in the studio.


Rockabilly Kids TV Commercial

Another TV ad we worked on was for Rockabilly Kids, again with FKC. Rockabilly Kids are a new children’s brand, and have created a unique toothbrush that is weighted in the bottom so they cannot be knocked over. We created the 3D product visuals for the commercial, and then animated these rocking and spinning. FKC composited our work with their live action footage of kids dancing and spinning around, and added a fun theme song. The ad is currently being shown on Boomerang – it’s always nice getting to see our work on TV!

Another UNIQA (#7) Web Animation

This year we have created a few 2D animated adverts for UNIQA. UNIQA are one of Austria’s biggest insurance providers, and our main German speaking client. These always feature a character we created for the first ad in different situations, so it’s nice to have a familiar face that adds to the appeal of the work. One of the more recent commercials is being shown on the CAT train from central Vienna to Vienna airport in Schwechat, reaching a large audience. These ads are interesting as there is no dialogue between the characters, allowing us to convey the story through the movement of the animation. Take a look at the most recent animation below:

Avanti Communications – Augmented Reality App

A slightly different project from this year was the augmented reality app we created for Avanti. We produced a standalone app for iPad that, when used with a specially designed printed world map, shows 3D models of Avanti’s satellites, with their real time location coordinates. The result was an engaging and interactive way for Avanti to show prospective buyers key data. The app is for internal use, and as always, we respect the client’s need to keep their work confidential, so unfortunately we cannot show any images or video.

And what can we expect in 2016? Jamie was quoted recently by Forbes, talking about how video strategy will develop in 2016:

“We’re about mid-way through what we call the “awakening” phase – there are lots of directions brands can go that will be based on technology adoption.  Mobile will rule this experience in the long-run but in the short-term headsets will cream the market in early 2016.  Brands don’t have to choose – use the right tool for the right job. Have a short experience? Mobile.  Longer, more immersive experience needed? Headset. Brands don’t have to pick one – consumers won’t.” Jamie Denham, CEO Sliced Bread Animation

Here’s to a great 2015, see you in the New Year!

If you’re thinking about an animation project for 2016, you can contact us here, drop us an email at or give us a call on +44 (0)207 148 0526.